Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Soap and the Restless

The Soap and the Restless

This series of soaps can be purchased individually or you can be brave wield a slicer and cut your own! They are available every Saturday at the Carlton place Farmers Market 8:30 - 12:30 and if you contact me here.


Yang Wong

This lush, exotic woman is strong, clean and complex. Hair that smells of muguet, ozone and ylang ylang you can smell it all the way to her toes of course they smell of rose, jasmine and powder right to her sole. She is posh and blonde.


A mysterious, sweet, earthy Hippy. Notes of amber, patchouli, rose and sandalwood dance in her head with nuances of jasmine and citrus to bring out subtle hints of spice in her voice.A young child is with her with a face  of vanilla and powder. They dance in a field of lavender every morning.


The sweetness of spun sugar is swirled with creamy vanilla and fruits of strawberry and cherry.
Shes drunk. You know it.

Pineapple Under The Sea

Fresh and  sweet, lingering, warm pineapple scent floats down the room. You can smell her from here.She has a way about her you cant forget. 

Lovers Revenge

Shes deep, thoughtful but a bit fruity. Be scared. She is the crazy type you cant forget.A bit of a twizzler.


He will take your breath away. He is crisp and strong.Shes tart and juicy. The romance they share is like looking into a window of a love story. A true story, because I said so

Over The Hill

Sweat enough to eat they said, mixed with sweet sugar and vanilla they said. Looks fade, stupid stays.

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