Friday, May 29, 2015

I Stole YOUR soap!

I'm like a thief in the night, i have your pictures I'm going to make a website and post them for sale. I will collect money and not send product for my personal gain or i just might direct them to you to give you a bad name. Why? Because people are sketchy. I read posts all the time regarding...who does this belong to we found it on a bad website?

You need to watermark your pictures so that it cant be cropped out put that shit on the bar of soap! Below is a selection of pictures I hunted down and stole.  This does happen do not think it doesn't.

Please note this is just for fun, I JUST started water marking my products. Some I couldn't do because the label was in the picture, some had no water mark, and for funzies the flower was so easy to do because its water marked so small that no one will notice.

Thank you all for your pictures and hopefully a little education will spread around. Im not going to post this to my personal or business page becasue its for our education and not for the public.

Buy it here

Buy it here

Buy it here

Buy it here

Find it at this lady 

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