Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gwyneth Paltrow lived off 29$ a week for food?

Find the article here.

This is how it makes me feel here,

Poverty is no laughing matter. Its not a game. Its not a joke and its not always something you can help. All too often I hear...I couldn't do it. Yes you could. If you had too.

Hearing people say we need to teach the poor about nutrition also makes me feel like this

How about we have some common sense and make nutrition cheaper? Theirs a classic idea!

I went to my local stores and bought 29$ worth of food for a week to help the non prepared people learn how to live poor in case they ever fall upon hardship. In case your wondering and read the article about Gwyneth, no it doesn't contain  limes or beans. But I do have an uncanny resemblance to Gwenny POO.

I've lived cheap. Ive had too. No I am not a drug addict or an alcoholic who spent their money. Just a mom with two boys. I'm blessed that I don't live like that anymore. My boys are fortunate to not do with out, but just as my mom did to me I will do with them and teach them how to eat and live cheap just in case hardship hits. They will survive

To all the people that live with two incomes and live beyond their needs and never think about how they will survive because they have credit cards they don't care if they max and don't want to have to do with out in order to teach their children how to cope and live in a recession or poverty, you will starve and die. Does that piss you off? This is how i feel about you being pissy with what I just said here

Lets get started.






1.69 (I'm twitching thinking about this plastic butter fake, but i will move on)






This equals $28. 02 

For breakfast kid A and Kid B will have a bun and margarine and one egg each, except  Sunday, we are out of eggs and buns.

You wont eat breakfast its for the kids.

Monday you will make a big old pot of macaroni and tomato juice with beef/pork. you will eat this MON TUE WED for lunch and dinner.

Thursday you will make soup from the chicken and carrots and potatoes. A big old pot again and eat it for THURSDAY FRI SAT  lunch and dinner.

Sunday your out so for breakfast you fry up valuable potatoes for breakfast. then add in any extra carrots  for lunch and dinner...If you run low mix in some bread (oh yeah your out). It spreads out the potatoes.

Sound good? No, didn't think so.

I'm lucky my mother taught me to bake bread from scratch, That's right by hand. She taught me how to stretch out meals. Just in case. I know how to can food. I know how to make cheap gigantic meals that I can freeze and save. Just in case.

Now imagine this budget with school age children. The pressure to pack healthy food on their lunch. Juice boxes, snacks, sandwich meat and fruit. 

Affordable healthy food. The poor are not stupid. Just poor.

Grow gardens people. Eat and can the rest. freeze leftovers. You should have a month just in case.

Stay crunchy folks and love one another regardless of income level.


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