Friday, March 13, 2015

No Poo and Why?

Hello everyone!

I am now ending my second week. I have washed my hair twice with baking soda and apple cider vinigar. It has been 5 days since I last washed my hair with bs/acv. My hair is not greasy and transitioning well. If I need to freshen up my curl I simply just wet my hair. I LOVE NO POO!

Lets take a look at why NO POO or LOW POO is a good choice.


They make your hair and skin smooth and fills in and smooths your skin in skin care products. sounds great right? Not to me. I dont want to walk around with a coating of silicone on my face and hair. That can not be good in the long run. This covering traps dirt and debris...can you say break out much? These also are non biodegradable and poloute our enviroment...oh yeah the one WE and OUR kids live in.

Polyethelyne Glycol.

Also called PEG/Polyethelyne or Polyoxyethelyne, this ingredient is included in shampoos as a thickening agent. This strips your skin and hair of natural moisture...counter productive no? Well we have a chemical to counter act that feeling and its above ^

Diethanolamine (DEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA).

 Products containing DEA or TEA can cause scalp irritation and bad allergic reactions, and they also destroy all the good stuff in your hair (such as keratin), making your hair dry, brittle, and lifeless.
Dont worry got a chemical to cover that up too!


 Used to prolong shelf life of an average hair-care product, parabens like methylparaben and propylparaben are chemicals that are known for their toxic nature. Parabens not only irritate the skin—which can make your scalp unhealthy—they can also affect your hormonal balance, which can result in hair loss.


 Excessive exposure to formaldehyde, which is found in some shampoos, may cause some hair loss. Great!

Propylene Glycol. 

Also known as the antifreeze you put in your car, propylene glycol is a common ingredient in shampoos and other personal care products to keep the product from freezing during shipping and storage. It can irritate skin, causing allergic reactions, and it alters skin structure. Just what i need!

Stay informed and stay crunchy!

missie xo

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